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Noise is a typical product of technological progress that in many cases can only be reduced or eliminated by developing innovative acoustic technologies.

A broad focus that covers multiple topics is the starting point for interdisciplinary research and development and simultaneously its strategic goal. Our researchers develop calculation and simulation techniques and analysis and forecasting methods with a broad scope of application that often extends well beyond the realm of pure acoustics to encompass mechanical and plant engineering, aerodynamics and acoustic diagnostic technology.

We also focus on developing new kinds of acoustic building components such as alternative sound absorbers, passive, reactive and active silencers, and sound insulation materials designed for buildings and for reducing the noise of machines, plants and vehicles. In collaboration with more than 15 industrial licensing and cooperation partners, the department offers a constantly expanding international platform for innovative acoustics which aims to optimize the acoustic system quality of complex products and structures.

Our research work is based on modern analysis systems such as scanning laser vibrometry, microphone array systems and binaural dummy head technology in combination with over 20 acoustic test stands. This equipment also forms the backbone of the test centers in the departments of building acoustics and environmental noise control which have been granted flexible accreditation under the DAP German Accreditation System for Testing.

Our services include airborne and impact sound insulation for all kinds of building components, sound absorption of material systems, and the measurement of noise emitted by building systems and services. We also have a versatile four-wheel chassis dynamometer which can be used to run a wide range of vehicle acoustics tests and a wind tunnel for aero-acoustic and aerodynamic measurements.

Fraunhofer IBP organizes regular acoustics forums in collaboration with the trade press to help transform research results into practical applications.


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