Musical Acoustics

The sound qualitiy of the organ pipes is the signature of the organ builder. However, the regulations for the scaling and the voicing methods determined in the last century are no longer sufficient.

Research and development in Musical Acoustics

European CRAFT Project

In all regions of the world, musical instruments are firmly rooted in cultural traditions. They are part of the cultural heritage, and it should be given particular attention to their preservation and further development. For many years, the Fraunhofer IBP has been dedicated to the research of European musical instruments, and in particular to the research of organs. Preserving the organ sound, providing advice and support for organ builders to enhance the development of organs by means of modern technologies are in the focus of the joint research carried out in collaboration with other research organizations and numerous European organ builders. Thus, a comprehensive set of tools could be developed, aiming to both deepen and disseminate the gained knowledge on the organ sound, and to link tradition and innovation in the field of organ building.

The IBP musical acoustics department works i.a. on projects supported by the EU for the benefit of small and medium-sized organ manufacturers.

Research Organ

The Acoustics of Musical Instruments

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Place of Ideas 2012

For the first time ever, a musical research instrument is available for the researchers of the Fraunhofer IBP, the new research organ. Its transparent and unique scope of design allows the demonstration of research results the investigation of technical and sound problems in organ building as well as the audible testing of sound ideas.

Sound Design of Reed Organ Pipes with Innovative Tools

Innovative Methods and Tools for the Sound Design of Organ Pipes

Study on the Sound Generation in the Flue Organ Pipe


Method for Matching the Pipe Organ to the Acoustics of the Room

Developmant of an Innovative Organ Pipe Design Method

A Design Software for Advanced Wind Systems in Pipe Organs

Development and Modernization of the Wind Supply System of Pipe Organs

Organ Zinc - Material for an Optimal Sound

Development of an Innovative Organ Pipe Design Method


Optimization of a newly developed carillon


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