A design software for advanced wind systems in pipe organs

European CRAFT-Projekt (Co-operative Research Action For Technology)

© Fraunhofer IBP
© Fraunhofer IBP

The project aimed at the planning and manufacturing much more reliable and higher quality wind systems for pipe organs with reduced costs. The main progress will be the optimization of the new, open wind systems, their adaptation to applied requirements and the development of prototypes. It was demonstrated that the new constructions ensure better pressure regulation and transient suppression than the traditional wind system. However, the new constructions are not optimised yet, thus no proper design method is available for planning such wind systems by the organ builders. Therefore, the new wind system constructions will be optimised by laboratory experiments resulting in five laboratory prototypes. Internal standards will be developed for the bellows, outlet valves and pressure regulation mechanisms, and a design software will be developed for dimensioning the new wind systems in the everyday practice. Finally, five prototypes of the five new, open wind system constructions will be manufactured and built into five new church organs. These pipe organs will be equipped with open wind systems designed and built on the basis of the laboratory prototypes.

This work requires the assistance of skilled organ builders. For this reason teams will be formed by the members of the consortium.

Contract-No: G1ST-CT2001-50139 



  • Werkstätte für Orgelbau Mühleisen GmbH, Leonberg, Deutschland
  • Manufacture d'Orgues Muhleisen, Strasbourg, Frankreich
  • Orgelbau Wegscheider, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Christian Scheffler Orgelwerkstatt Sieversdorf (Frankfurt/Oder), Deutschland
  • Marcussen & Son, Orgelbyggeri A/S, Aabenraa, Dänemark
  • Orgelbau Schumacher, Baelen, Belgien
  • Pels-d'Hondt Orgelbouw BVBA, Herselt, Belgien
  • Fratelli Ruffatti Pipe organ builders, Padova, Italien
  • Gerhard Grenzing, Papiol (Barcelona), Spanien


  • Oficina e Escola de Organaria, Ltd., Esmoriz (Porto), Portugal
    Didier Grassin, London, Großbritannien
  • Pécsi Orgonaépitö Manufaktúra KFT, Pécs, Ungarn

Partners for research and technological improvements

  • Universität Siegen, Institut für Fluid- und Thermodynamik (IFT), Siegen, Deutschland
  • University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Großbritannien