Mobile Partition Walls with Integrated Multimedia Systems

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Monitor integrated into the transparent element of a mobile partition wall.

Today, space efficiency is one of the key competitive factors for the design of buildings and rooms. Thus, custom-tailored solutions are required when designing rooms, particularly if these rooms have to meet the requirements of different usage scenarios, as for example rooms in office and educational buildings and hotel meeting rooms. Mobile partition walls have proved their value in flexible, adequate room partitioning. New technologies have led to slim wall systems that also meet esthetic demands, for example transparent elements with filigree frame constructions and integrated switchable blinds for more privacy.

Based on this, additional functions have now been developed to be integrated into the movable partition walls. Within the frame of a joint development project in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Constance and the Franz Nüsing Company in Münster, the aspects light and lighting and the audio-visual presentation were selected among numerous other aspects to be investigated in detail and to be tested in prototype form.

Today, the lighting functions of mobile partition wall elements benefit from high performance and affordable LEDs. However, there is still required an advanced optic to evenly illuminate large glass wall elements. An LED array with a special reflector was selected so that no modification of the space between the panes was necessary. The extensive homogeneity of the illuminated area of the mobile glass wall component is remarkable and can additionally be designed in different colors if required. It was also made use of the state of the art when implementing the “audio-visual presentation” function. Very flat screens now easily fit into the space between the panes of mobile glass walls. Having the right format, they can be installed securely and conveniently there. Furthermore, continuous thermal measurements showed that no special cooling is required. Remote control, wireless signal feed and electrical power supply, already existing to operate the electric motor of the wall, ensure unrestricted mobility. In order to achieve in addition a good sound coming out of the wall, slim loudspeakers can be integrated into the wall frame, or likewise the panes can be used as loudspeakers by help of electro-dynamic vibration exciters. These new functions of mobile partition walls open up new ways for a variable use of space and an attractive interior design.