Room Acoustics

Demanding rooms such as concert and meeting halls, measurement rooms and special-purpose rooms as well as offices and workspaces require demanding acustic solutions. Selected projects deal with the acoustics in school buildings and classrooms.

Research and development in Room Acoustics

Acoustic design of indoor spaces

From concert and conference halls to measuring chambers, specialist facilities and, in particular, offices and workspaces, each type of space is designed with clear acoustics targets in mind. Modern planning tools such as computer simulations, scale model measurements and auralization can help designers achieve these targets. Numerous research results and reference projects bear testimony to the success of this methodology. The resulting acoustic design concepts reflect the specific use of each space and aim to increase users' performance and productivity in office environments, schools and other spaces that are used intensively for communication.


Micro-perforated foil absorbers

Sound absorbing suspended ceilings

Compound Baffle Absorber (CBA)


Multi-functional concrete ceiling


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