Compound Baffle Absorber (CBA)

Small enclosures show a bumpy transmission for sound at low frequencies regardless of their geometry. If the eigenfrequencies of the room are excited without damping the result is a change of timbre and rumbling of the room. The Fraunhofer IBP has tackled this problem and developed the compound baffel absorber (CBA) as an easy-to-handle bass absorber [1] for various applications in representative building projects [2,3].

In studios, conference rooms, offices, music rehearsal chambers etc. the acoustic problems of small rooms lead to distortions of music as well as poor intelligibility of speech. The CBA-modules are easy to install in a do-it-yourself manner and yield a clear improvement of the acoustic conditions at low frequencies; resonances of the room are smoothed, the booming is eliminated and communication is eased. The modules will help to bring modern, state-of-the-art acoustic technology into practice. They supply the experienced practitioner with an effective tool at a reasonable prize for improving the acoustic response of a room.



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