Noise Control

Noise control searches for solutions in the field of acoustic signal propagation and deals with the active noise reduction by means of innovative silencers.

Research and development in Noise Control

Alternative Silencers

For many years, specific silencers have been developed to solve problems in the low frequency range and to serve for special applications. They range from robust cleanable duct silencers via sound-absorbing interior drafts for the steel stacks and chimneys to boiler-integrated strip absorbers with broadband effect.

Active Silencers and Absorbers

In contrast to the well-known principle of sound resolution (also known as anti sound), actively absorbing silencers work according to an innovative principle which actively reduces noise in sound channels. Typical areas of application are all kinds of air-conditioning and ventilation systems and chimneys of heat generators.

Calculation of Silencers

The design and optimization of silencers considers, on the one hand, geometry and material. On the other hand, their efficiency depends on the respective environment, like for example the duct system. For this integrated approach, calculations tools are available, helping to predetermine acoustic and aerodynamic parameters, such as insertion loss, pressure loss and flow noise.

Working groups

Alternative silencers


Computation of absorptive silencers

Acoustic analysis of ventilation systems

Active silencers and absorbers

Acoustic measuring systems


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