Areas of Expertise

Building Chemistry, Building Biology, Hygiene

The working groups chemistry, biology, senory, testing, concrete technology and functional construction materials are involved in the research of chemical, sensory, concrete-engineering-related, biological and hygienic problems occurring in relation to the interiors and exteriors of buildings as well as the insides of vehicles and aircraft. They provide consulting services for customers and develop new materials and analytical methods.

The focus is put on technical materials, components and construction products for indoor use, for buildings also materials and composites for external envelopes. For example, the scientists are involved in the research of emissions and eluates from materials, semi-finished products, end products and manufacturing methods, in evaluating odors by human olfactometry and subsequently identify the sources by chemical analysis. In addition, the department researches resistance against biological growth and infestation and is involved in microbiological examinations, for example, of mold and algae, which are of concern in the area of materials science and in the environmental media water, soil and air.
Moreover, existing materials, systems and system components are optimized, and new materials with more targeted functionality are developed. For example, functional surfaces, multifunctional materials and components, such as catalytic, self-cleaning or biostatic surfaces, bionic components, filter materials, sensors and sound-absorbing structural components.

Our employees analyze the mass transfer and absorption processes in materials and composite materials, such as filter media, catalytic converters and active construction components. They then measure and model the processes, incorporating material-specific, chemical and physical properties and realistic boundary conditions. They use this knowledge in the development of new analytical methods and are able to derive rapid tests which combine environmental simulations as well as chemical and microbiological problems to provide essential knowledge for the areas of "Construction materials, construction components, buildings", "Vehicles and Propulsion Systems" and "Aircraft, aircraft components".

An additional emphasis of our work is the further development of concrete materials. For example, the addition of admixtures can increase stability, or research can be undertaken in order to find entirely new functionalities for the widely-used material.

Brochure of the Department