VETReC - Vehicle Emission Test and Research Center

Emissions of vehicles or parts are of special interest for many reasons. There are multiple legal requirements which have to be met by automobile OEMs. In addition automobile OEMs set maximum concentration levels for compounds which are not to be exceeded by the suppliers. Besides, part of the compounds emitted might be odor active which, depending on quality and quantity, may negatively influence passenger well-being.

For the determination of the detailed composition of emissions VETReC provides modern and comprehensive analytical facilities as well as numerous test facilities such as SHED test chambers, a vehicle emission test stand with sun simulation and an engine test stand. By these means many tests according to a wide range of standards (e. g. VDA, DIN, CARB) and OEM procedures can be performed. Certain facilities of VETReC are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. For special questions suitable test procedures and experimental set-ups can be developed.

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Emissions in automobile cabins

Does a new car smell unpleasantly or does the customer get a headache after 10 minutes? Are all legal requirements regarding automobile cabin air quality met? To answer such questions complete automobiles can be investigated in our VETReC vehicle test stand. At defined environmental conditions different parking and driving scenarios cam be simulated. It is also possible to mimic different thermal loads as they typically occur in parked cars. In addition the surrounding of the vehicle can be contaminated in defined ways with typical contaminants during operation such as pollen, VOCs, NOx, ozone or fine particulate matter. From the vehicle interior air samples can be drawn at any time for on-line analytics as well as for detailed substance specific laboratory analyses. Furthermore, vehicle interior air can be evaluated olfactorically. Besides such special investigations tests according to common standards like DIN ISO 12219 or JAMA are possible.

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Emissions from materials and parts

In the context of material investigations and optimizations raw materials, semi-finished parts and parts are analyzed by means of thermal desorption and the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) determined. Organic emissions of parts and part groups are determined in so called SHED chambers (Sealed House Evaporative Determination). A large number of chemical compound groups can be determined from air samples drawn: VOCs, BTXE aromatic compounds, aldehydes, ketones, phthalates, amines, nitrosamine, glycol ethers. These investigations are performed according to standards of VDA, ISO and according to manufacturer standards of European and Asian OEMs as well as according to requirements of the California Air Resources Board CARB.

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Evaporative emissions of propulsion systems

Evaporative emissions are an important parameter for the admission of newly developed vehicles. Very strict limit values are issued by the California Air Resources Board, adopted by other US states as well. Also countries such as China will tighten valid requirements. To test new generations of engines for their evaporative emission behavior already during the development phase, VETReC offers the necessary infrastructure like engine test stand and SHED chambers. Also the effect of engine components such as HC sorptive fiber mats, fuel bearing tubing, injection systems can be determined very precisely.

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Filter test stand

Filter material and filter equipment manufacturers face the challenge to fulfill a variety of requirements regarding air purification and to provide proof of functionality. For that within VETReC a filter test stand is available which allows performing many different standard and special tests. Extreme thermodynamic conditions can be realized, for performance testing different organic and inorganic test substances and aerosols can be added into the air stream and detected by on-line analyzers or samples for off-line laboratory analyses. Comprehensive chemical and sensory analytics combined with Fraunhofer expertise is available for result evaluation.

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Analytes and Equipment

VETReC has direct access to comprehensive test facilities and analytical equipment. Besides testing according to various standards, further extensive investigations can be performed. This, in combination with our long standing expertise, allows answering special, interdisciplinary questions. The following link gives an overview of the different analytes, test facilities and analytical equipment.