Energy-efficient control

Life Cycle Assessments with a focus on regenerative electricity generation, the production of alternative fuels and drive systems, energy storage and the environmentally compatible design of high-tech and electronic products.

Energy and Mobility

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Investigations often focus on individual key topics; however, the overall context is crucial. In mobility, for example, a large number of protagonists play a major role – from the vehicle manufacturer, to drive technology, up to urban transport planning.

Accelerate sustainability

The crude oil shortage, climate change, availability of resources – sustainable energy supply is one of the greatest challenges of our time and is a prime concern throughout all sectors of industry and areas of life in general. After all, energy is required over the entire value-added chain of a product – from the extraction of raw materials, to production and use, up to disposal and recovery at the end of its service life. Even today, fossil energy carriers still constitute the lion’s share of utilized energy sources. Mobility as we know it today would be unthinkable without fuels from crude oil products. However, reserves of fossil energy carriers are finite and their combustion has far-reaching effects on the climate. To secure a reliable supply of energy in future, ecologically appropriate, sustainable solutions for the provision, storage, and use of energy are essential.

The Working Group on Energy and Mobility concerns itself with these issues by investigating energy supply technologies, fuels, and mobility concepts with regard to their environmental performance and sustainability.

The key issues of current activities are the Life Cycle Assessment of regenerative energy generation technologies, and the production and use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen or biofuels in various fields of application. Further research topics are the analysis of current and future drive technologies and their integration into mobility concepts.


Scientific procedure for the application of Life Cycle Engineering.

Reference examples

Selected references from cooperation with the Working Group on Energy and Mobility carried out in the course of a project.

Competences in detail

Energy and Mobility

The focus here is on energy generation, supply and storage, with an analysis of mobility concepts of today and tomorrow from the point of view of Life Cycle Assessment.