Reference examples

Wood is wonderful: A sustainable forestry and timber industry

Wood is an ecological, sustainable material. In ÖkoPot, a project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), a product-related ecological potential analysis for the forest and wood chain showed what wood products bear the greatest ecological market potential, and how this can be utilized and extended. More information

Insulants from hemp

A detailed Life Cycle Assessment of renewable raw materials is complex and challenging. In a project sponsored by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), the »development of an entirely biogenic heat-insulating material« was specifically accompanied with a view to Life Cycle Assessment on the basis of several years of expertise, and the development was given well-founded support with regard to ecological issues.

Ecologically efficient high-tech materials in aviation

Extremely high demands are placed on the materials used in aviation. The production of these high-tech materials is correspondingly intricate; this is reflected in both costs and ecological profile. Ecological and economic Life Cycle Assessments to accompany their development will thus be all the more important in future; an example of this is the SINTEG project, subsidized by the BMBF as part of the aviation research program LuFoIV-2.

Residual materials to raw materials

Under this motto, increased efforts are being undertaken to develop improved, high-quality recycling technologies for residual materials and waste, in order to enable reuse or recycling of the primary resources to a high degree of quality and purity. Life Cycle Assessments support development engineers in developing ecologically favorable processes and products. In the BMBF project ELDYNTON, the electrodynamic fragmentation of concrete is being further developed and analyzed in terms of ecological balance. The future ecological potential is enormous, since unlike with today’s recycling processes, substitutes can be found for high-quality primary materials.