Reference examples

Shops are becoming sustainable

Orientation toward sustainability requirements is now firmly established in the consumer goods industry, and the sustainability of salesrooms and presentation areas is also playing an increasingly important role. The scientists from the Working Group on Sustainable Construction are therefore now turning their attention to assessing and optimizing shop concepts. A key criterion here is the interplay of the selection of materials for the interior, the illumination concept, and furniture.

Innovative energy storage systems for residential buildings

The increasing share of regenerative energy forms in electrical supply grids leads to increased fluctuation. The resulting electrical surplus volumes call for greater storage capacities. The Working Group on Sustainable Construction is concentrating here on the assessment of various storage systems from an ecological and economic viewpoint.

Sustainable urban quarters

Urban space is subject to constant change. Demographic developments call for a mind-shift and the development of new urban quarter concepts. The Working Group on Sustainable Construction deals with the question of what requirements sustainable urban quarters must fulfill in future and how these requirements can be measured. Strategic assessment methods allow specific fields of action to be derived, thereby creating the basis for modern urban quarters.