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To look beyond your own borders, to identify changes and to design the future, to strategically respond to customer needs. According to the needs of the industry Fraunhofer IBP combines the competences of its departments in its business areas. The aim is to develop tailored solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Depending on the question, we cooperate with our broad network  within and outside the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and integrate the expertise of our partners. As a result, we are able to solve interdisciplinary tasks in a focused and customer-oriented way.

Business Area: Aviation

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Aviation is a globalized branch of economic activity that must set standards for ecological and socio-economic acceptance. That’s why at Fraunhofer IBP, we conduct research on new aircraft architectures in a way that drives value creation, so that aircraft are more ecologically friendly while providing passengers with maximum comfort and performance. In civil aviation, the focus is always on safety, well‑being and health. Every development in this environment – regarding materials, life support systems or even in-cabin reading lamps – must satisfy a system-of-systems approach. Fraunhofer IBP’s Aviation business area makes a noteworthy contribution in the pursuit of this goal.


Field of Activity: Combustion Systems

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Heating systems which use solid fuel, in particular, firewood and pellets, are increasingly popular. Not only do such appliances provide comfort but wood is a renewable and carbon neutral fuel. Nowadays, during the energy transition, wood is a traditional yet extremely modern source of energy. However, current research shows that small-scale biomass heating systems represent a significant source of a wide range of harmful substances which pose a special hazard to health; for example, soot, particulate matter, PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and other gaseous components. As it is not always possible to avoid these harmful substances during the combustion process, further measures are necessary for the complex after treatment of exhaust gases.

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