Symposium  /  03/06/2018  -  03/08/2018

thinkstep symposium »think 2018«

The 10th thinkstep symposium from March 6-8 is focusing on how to embed sustainability into core business and drive sustainable change. Get inspired by exciting plenum discussions and keynote presentations from international speakers. The hands-on breakout sessions and workshops will help you enhance your skills and empower you to make sustainability a core part of your business.

As part of the symposium, Fraunhofer IBP will be hosting a »Science Meets Business Training« on 6 March in Eulenhof Stuttgart. On this day you can expect interesting presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • Digitization and personalization
  • Resource efficiency
  • Organizational LCA / Footprint
  • Use of LCA as an operational decision support

Each of the topics includes a 20-minute impulse presentation and a 40-minute discussion.

It is possible to sign up only for the »Science Meets Business Training« on March 6th - participation in this part of the symposium is free.

We look forward to discussing existing approaches and new topics in order to create sustainable value for your company and the economy.