"Editors’ Choice Award" bestowed by HPCwire magazine


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Photo (from left to right): Florian Antretter (Fraunhofer IBP), Burak Yenier (co-founder and CEO of TheUberCloud), Tim Carroll (Microsoft Azure Big Compute), Wolfgang Gentzsch (co-founder and president of TheUberCloud), David Pursiano (partner at PBBL Law Offices), Tom Tabor (CEO, Tabor Communications, publisher of HPCwire), Laurel Barry (partner at PBBL Law Offices), Rob Simon (partner at PBBL Law Offices).

Together with its partners UberCloud, Microsoft Azure and the law firm PBBL Law, Fraunhofer IBP received the "Editors’ Choice Award" for Best Use of High Performance Computing in the Cloud. The award is presented by the magazine HPCwire - one of the most respected magazines in the high performance computing sector. In the award-winning project, the scientists first made the WUFI® Plus building simulation software cloud-ready. This enabled them to conduct extensive parameter studies using HPC cloud resources.

The underlying reason for the project was a lawsuit at the law firm PBBL Law Offices in Las Vegas/Orlando. A year ago, the lawyers turned to Fraunhofer IBP and UberCloud for assistance in one of their cases. They had to clarify whether the moisture damage in a twin tower residential complex was due to the transfer of moisture through the plastered exterior walls or to negative pressure in the condominiums. Previously-consulted experts were unable to reach a conclusive and satisfactory answer.

With WUFI® Plus, Fraunhofer IBP simulated the humidity in the condominiums and building components of the residential complex. Cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) enabled further parametric studies of the building's behavior in relation to different conditions to be conducted. Due to the high computing power available as a result, not only was the timeframe adhered to, but uncertainties in the results were also reduced to such an extent that information could be used in court. The project results made it clear that the coating damage was not caused by a high relative humidity, but by the vapor permeability of the coating and the leakage of driving rain behind the coating. This project thus also demonstrates the diverse potential of WUFI® Plus in the cloud.

The software developed by Fraunhofer IBP is the most comprehensive tool in the WUFI® family, simulating not only hygrothermal conditions in components but also indoor climatic conditions. It is equally suitable for tackling issues related to comfort and energy requirements. Based on the external climate as well as on a building’s usage and the prevailing ventilation and air-conditioning situation, it is also possible to quantify the temperature and humidity both in the building and in building components depending on the circumstances. WUFI® Plus also extends the options for evaluating models in order to dynamically calculate three-dimensional thermal bridges and air exchange.

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