Research visualized

BACS - Bleed Air Contamination Simulator

Researchers at Fraunhofer IBP have been working on air quality in aircraft cabins for years and in numerous projects. With the help of the new test facility "Bleed Air Contamination Simulator", or BACS for short, the researchers can now simulate the physical and chemical characteristics of fume events and analyze how these affect the air quality in the cabin. With the help of BACS, the scientists are able to simulate a wide range of environmental conditions in terms of temperature and pressure and also investigate other possible cabin air contaminants such as hydraulic oil or deicing fluid.

HiPIE-Lab – High Performance Indoor Environment

People nowadays spend most of their lives indoors, whether at work or during leisure time. This results in the demand to design the indoor environment in a way that ensures health, well-being and performance.

The search for cause-effect relationships requires research in real rooms which is very complex, time-consuming and costly. Therefore, a test environment must be designed in which ambient conditions can be varied quickly and easily in order to investigate human reactions such as perception, sensation, experience and behavior.

Within the framework of the research and development initiative High Performance Indoor Environment (HiPIE) such a test environment was created.