Measurements and Services related to Museums and the Preservation of Historical Monuments

The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics offers a wide selection of measurement procedures and tests in connection with museums and the preservation of historical monuments:



  • Building component simulation with WUFI® 1D and 2D
  • Hygrothermal building simulation with WUFI® Plus
  • Light simulation
  • Evaluation of the energy efficiency of museum buildings according to DIN V 18599



  • Acquisition of room climate data with IMEDASTM
  • Determination of the air exchange rate through blower door tests, measurement of CO2 levels and passive tracer gas method
  • High-resolution IR thermography
  • Determination of the hygrothermal properties of historical materials
  • Measurement of the moisture content of building components
  • Pollutant and particle measurements
  • Acoustic measurement methods (impact sound transmission, reverberation time, etc.)


Analysis methods

  • Chemical material analysis
  • Analysis of chemicals in the indoor air / outgassing from materials
  • Analysis of pollutants / determination of historical wood preservatives
  • Analysis and identification of salts harmful to building materials
  • Analysis of materials and mortars
  • Identification and classification of materials of biological origin, e.g. wood, fibers, etc.
  • Determination and evaluation of microbial growth
  • Isopleth determination of museum materials to assess specific climatic sensitivities
  • or microbiological vulnerability more accurately



  • Building analyses and monitoring
  • Restoration studies
  • Field studies
  • Life cycle analyses / "gray energy”


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