LCA databases make the difference

LCA data and databases as added value

LCA data and databases (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) are of great importance for several reasons:

  • Product and process optimization: Companies use LCA data to optimize their products and production processes. By identifying environmental impacts along the entire life cycle, they can recognize areas for improvement and efficiency gains. This can result in a reduction in resource consumption, emissions and multiple environmental impacts.
  • Environmental assessment of products and processes: LCA data makes it possible to carry out comprehensive life cycle assessments for products and processes over their entire life cycle. This covers raw material extraction, production, use, disposal, recycling and circularity. By using LCA databases, companies and organizations can identify, evaluate and compare environmental impacts in order to make more environmentally friendly decisions.
  • Data basis for environmental strategies: LCA databases provide a comprehensive data basis for developing environmental strategies and guidelines at company, government and international level. These data enable decision-makers to assess the environmental impact of different options and make informed decisions to improve environmental protection and resource efficiency. LCA data also help to meet legal requirements (DPP, CSRD, EPD, etc.)
  • Comparability and transparency: LCA databases make environmental information more comparable and transparent. By providing a common basis for assessing environmental impacts, they enable a standardized approach to the environmental assessment of products and processes. This helps to increase the credibility of environmental claims and improve communication between different stakeholders.

Overall, LCA databases play a central role as the starting point for evaluating products and integrating them into the decision-making process. They help companies, governments and organizations to develop and implement more sustainable solutions to minimize environmental impact and improve resource efficiency.

Through the expertise of the Department of Life Cycle Engineering and in cooperation with Fraunhofer IGCV, our researchers developed the Life cycle assessment database “Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)”. This can be obtained from Sphera.

You are welcome to contact our experts in the Department of Life Cycle Engineering if you have any questions about LCA databases or require further LCA data sets.


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