Hygrothermics: Moisture and thermal control

New challenges for building planners and contractors


The challenges today are manifold: Besides saving energy, the aim is to meet growing hygiene and comfort requirements, as well as to focus more on the use of renewable energies and raw materials. Demands are also rising when it comes to damage prevention and the service life of building products. For planners and contractors, this means new challenges that cannot be mastered without in-depth knowledge of hygrothermal processes.

Our experts analyze the thermal and moisture properties of building materials, building components and entire building complexes - the basis for designing new buildings and renovation projects in an optimized and needs-based way. This includes ventilation systems and their interaction with the building envelope, as well as the influence of other hygrothermal storage masses.

Thanks to its long-standing practical experience and extensive network, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP not only helps its customers to work on and solve specific problems, but also to innovate new products and launch them on the market.

Overview of expertise


Hygrothermal materials and system testing

Our employees determine the thermal, hygric and radiation properties of building products. With the aid of tests, they also verify their specifications to assess their impermeability to air and rain. This enables us to conduct further investigations into the possible uses of products and their scope of application.  


Climate simulation and field studies

However, when evaluating a new product or the different use of an existing one, standard tests often reach their limits. A much better way of assessing the suitability and durability of a product is to conduct climate simulations or field studies. 


Hygrothermal system analyses

Hygrothermal system analyses investigate the interactions between the outside climate and the use of space, since these have a decisive impact on a building's hygrothermal performance. By considering all the relevant boundary conditions, a detailed analysis of the building envelope can be made.


Market implementation

Only when a product has been successfully launched on the market does an idea become an actual innovation. With this in mind, we think about marketing our customers' ideas right from the start, taking into account the specific challenges associated with the building materials market.


Urban Physics Modeling

We investigate and implement different approaches to anticipate the environmental impact of urban planning decisions before the start of the development.