Climate simulation and field studies

Field studies and climate simulation offer reliable results


Today, resistance to weathering and functional reliability are essential factors when it comes to assessing the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of building products. However, standard tests often reach their limits when evaluating new products or different uses for existing products. They are also generally not suitable for assessing the performance of products under extreme conditions or in the event of an accident. In such cases, climate simulation or field studies are the methods of choice in order to gain reliable information about the suitability and durability of a product.

Field studies provide the most reliable information because the tested product is subjected to all natural factors during the tests. Laboratory climate simulation, on the other hand, has the advantage that even extreme climatic conditions or regions with fluctuating weather conditions can be simulated. Furthermore, by choosing the right climate cycles, the natural aging process of certain products can be accelerated. In addition to extensive know-how and many years of experience, as well as proven outdoor weathering facilities and laboratory climate simulation methods, Fraunhofer IBP also excels in the field of numerical simulation of material and component behavior.


Field studies

At its branch in Holzkirchen, Fraunhofer IBP has the world's largest field test site for studying building materials and constructions, building components and materials, as well as system components, on a scale of 1:1. Due to its extreme weather conditions, the local climate is ideal for conducting such research.


Climate simulation

We perform hygrothermal environmental and climate simulations to offer our customers and partners tailor-made solutions for quality assurance and new products. In doing so, we subject them to artificial stress by simulating changing realistic climatic conditions.


Technical drying

The increasing number of claims due to tap water damage in Germany results in considerable work and costs for builders and insurers every year. Our experts develop and test drying technologies and methods to minimize the consequences of such water damage.