Room acoustics

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Silent architect: acoustics is the secret designer of the atmosphere in a room

The acoustics in a room is more than just the sound we hear - it influences our mood, affects our concentration and well-being, and has an impact on how we perceive things. Room acoustics surround us whenever we spend time in a building or room, and that includes a large part of our lifetime. So it's worth paying particular attention to the following information!

The requirements for the design of acoustics in a room are as varied as the purpose of the rooms themselves - from open-plan offices to classrooms, from conference rooms to studios, from hotel rooms to homes - we have highly-varying demands that call for different acoustic conditions.

In concert halls and opera houses, good acoustics are crucial to the quality and reputation of the entire establishment. In noisy industrial workplaces, the design of the room acoustics helps to meet legal requirements and improve working conditions. Room acoustics that are both use-related and cost-efficient require not only precise planning, but also the deployment of acoustically effective materials and constructions.


Therefore, design the atmosphere of your room with us!

Our experts develop concepts and building components (sound absorbers) for many different types of rooms that ensure optimal acoustics and aid architectural planning.

  • We apply room acoustics standards and guidelines (including DIN 18041, ISO 3382, VDI 2569), but also question them and develop them further
  • We use modern tools such as simulation, measurement technologies and auralization for planning and for developing absorbers
  • We have comprehensive measurement equipment to check the acoustic quality on site or in our purpose-built measurement rooms
  • We work on your specific room acoustics issue with you

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