Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS)

 simulations generated using the Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS)
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Examples of simulations generated using the Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS). Left: Simulation of the distribution of viruses in a restaurant. Right: Simulation of aerosol dispersion in an aircraft.

Simulation tool for indoor airflows, temperature and material distributions in buildings and vehicles

The Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS) developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP is used to simulate indoor air flows and the resulting temperature and material distributions. Not only the interiors of buildings but also of aircraft and vehicles can be studied. For this purpose, the room to be examined is divided into zones that exchange air with each other.

To generate models automatically, the Thermal Model Generation Tool was developed together with the Indoor Environment Simulation Suite models. A geometry file of the room is read in and a Modelica code is exported, which contains the pre-parameterized submodels:

  • VEPZO (Velocity Propagating Zonal Model): Simulation of airflows and air temperature on a zonal 3D grid
  • RADZO (Radiation on Zonal Grid): Long-wave radiation exchange between enclosing surfaces and interior in the room
  • CONDZO (Conduction on Zonal Grid): Conduction of heat through enclosing surfaces
  • CONZO (Convection on Zonal Grid): Parameterized hc correlations for cooling power electronics

Zonal modeling can be used in many ways, ranging from simulating the temperature distribution in a room to improve thermal comfort, through optimizing how power electronics are cooled, to studying the distribution of substances such as a gas-based fire extinguishing system or the propagation of aerosols and virus particles in an airflow.

Do you need help with research or test projects concerning airflows and temperature & material distributions in rooms? Get in touch with us, our experts are more than happy to be of assistance!

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