Understanding users and their needs: making goods/services more attractive through personalization

One size fits all?

In our individualized world, personalized products can not only increase user satisfaction but also people’s willingness to pay. But how and what to personalize? This is where our experts come in. We help you identify and unlock the potential to personalize products based on proven scientific methods.

Fulfilling individual needs leads to a particularly positive user experience - especially in today's world, where the quest for uniqueness coupled with the desire to be appreciated is more pronounced than ever. Personalized products and services are one way of meeting these demands - but personalization often comes at a high price to the user. The High Performance Center Mass Personalization has set itself the goal of implementing personalization in such a way that products are no more expensive than mass produced ones. We are right at the start of the process chain at the Performance Center: we help you understand your users, enabling you to personalize the right features of your service or product in the right way.

You get a better understanding of your users and customers as well as of the impact of your products and services on users. We also take the issue of data protection into account. You can incorporate the knowledge gained in product development and/or use it for specific marketing strategies. Individual appreciation and a positive user experience are also reflected in an increased willingness to pay because personalization significantly boosts the value of your products and services.

Would you like to assess the potential of personalizing your products or services? Would you like to optimize your existing range of personalized goods/services? Our user experts can assist you. You can gain valuable insights by asking potential users the right questions. A typical approach is outlined below, which we will of course personalize to suit your company’s needs:

  1. Analysis of the current situation: we analyze already-existing (conscious or unconscious) personalization services and / or identify potential personalization areas
  2. User studies, including an analysis of user requirements (real lab or online survey) and a feasibility study
  3. Development, testing and evaluation of a personalization system

Our interdisciplinary team helps you to gain a better understanding of your users and customers. It goes without saying that we work to very high scientific standards, formulating results, interpretations and implications adapted to the respective target group. We select and implement different research methods in line with the needs of our customers:

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of online surveys with specific potential target groups.
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of user studies, decision-making experiments and UX studies in our unique real lab to test your products, as well as their evaluation/use by different user groups and types.
  • Implementation of user stories in the real lab
  • Use of our showroom in Stuttgart to demonstrate your products and services to various target groups
  • Networking along the entire process chain in the High Performance Center