Development of Design Tools

Development of design tools
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Several specially developed software tools are available as downloads or web-based applications.

From information tools to expert software: Design tools provide support in practical applications

There are many ways in which we process the findings and experiences from our extensive daily project work to transfer these results to practical applications. For instance, our experts have created numerous software products, which support and advance the knowledge transfer in the field of energy-efficient construction, also enhancing the recognition of energy saving potentials that are associated with the use of specific technologies.

Besides some commercially marketed tools we have special tools at our disposal, which are intended to support our experts in planning complex designs. Moreover, we provide free access to many specially developed software products.

These tools and calculation routines have been made available to interested users as downloads or as web-based applications. Our software »IBP:18599« is exemplary of this kind of product developments; it is the first calculation software for the professional application of the German standard DIN V 18599 in everyday practice.