Customized acoustics

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From concert hall to hotel room - rooms with special acoustic requirements

How does a room sound that has optimal acoustics? There is a wide range of answers to this question. From cathedrals with their majestic reverberation times to recording studios with short reverberation times and perfect sound insulation, each room has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, so the design of the acoustics for these spaces is also an art in itself. However, the full acoustic potential is often not exploited. The complex interplay of architecture, materials and acoustic principles must be taken into account, which significantly affects the sound quality in the room.


No room is too unusual for us!

For our experts, designing room acoustics includes numerous aspects such as modifying the reverberation time with the aid of absorbing materials, ensuring good sound diffusion, avoiding disturbing echoes and minimizing unwanted frequency distortions. For this purpose, we use modern developments such as room acoustics simulation and auralization techniques to evaluate the effects of absorption and sound propagation, in addition to extensive measurement and laboratory equipment. We develop sound absorbers, diffusers and special ceiling and wall structures to control sound and create a pleasant sound environment. By simulating room acoustics, our research is aimed at very special types of rooms, including:

Guests usually associate a hotel stay with rest and relaxation. Rooms for social interaction, however, such as educational institutions and public spaces or cultural venues, have very different requirements. There are many aspects to good acoustics - ranging from privacy in a single room to good speech intelligibility in classrooms to a rich and vibrant sound experience in concert halls and opera houses.


We bring historical acoustics to life

How fast do you think Julius Caesar spoke back then? How many listeners could hear a speech in a historical building? We use simulation to study what the acoustics and speech intelligibility of historical buildings or public spaces were like - even if they have long ceased to exist. Our acoustic design services are aimed at anything from historical buildings to modern new buildings; we use the results of basic research to guarantee optimal acoustics in your building, too.

One thing is of key importance to us: the satisfaction of our users and our customers. We are firmly convinced that acoustic quality optimized down to the last detail is always a valuable investment in the future!

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