Trace analysis

Together, developed and inhabited environments, spaces and those using them, people and their needs, economic conditions and our natural resources form a complex, multi-layered network. Research and development activities in this complex environment focus on solutions for people, without neglecting all the other aspects of this network. In our well-equipped, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory, we can study a wide range of organic and inorganic parameters of diverse solid, liquid and gaseous matrices: indoor and outdoor air, exhaust air from test chambers, drinking, ground and surface water, eluates from the ground and building products, extracts and solutions containing decomposed substances from the ground and building products.

The principal methods we use are liquid and gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. These enable substances to be reliably identified and accurately quantified. Accredited standard procedures and our customers’ company standards serve as a basis for this. To address specific problems of our partners and within the scope of research projects, we develop extraction and testing techniques tailored to the needs of our customers for defined matrices and parameters.


Ground and material

A wide variety of substances can be released from building products into the ground and groundwater. With modern trace analysis, these substances can be identified and quantified both in the building product and in the ground.



Drinking water is essential to our survival. Its properties also make it an indispensable solvent, coolant and transport medium. We use sophisticated instruments to analyze the quality of water and determine its suitability for specific applications.



The quality of indoor air affects both our well-being and our performance. Identifying and preventing air pollution and its sources are effective measures to improve indoor comfort.