Systems integration

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It is essential that the various technical building systems are optimally coordinated.

Integration of building services systems into the overall system - A key condition for optimizing building operation and energy performance

Our work area »Systems integration« addresses issues concerning the integration of structural, technical and function-specific measures in the field of central building control systems and building automation. To optimize building operation and to achieve a high level of energy efficiency (also in complex building structures), the different building services systems (such as heating, ventilation, cooling or lighting and shading systems) need to be optimally adapted and integrated into an overall system.

For this purpose, our experts develop components and control algorithms. Here, special importance is attributed to consistency in communication (in bus systems) and to implementation: the solutions can be virtually tested or undergo laboratory tests regarding their integration with “external” systems, thus providing the basis on which routines for error detection and data analysis during building operation can be implemented.


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