VOC, thermodesorption
© Fraunhofer IBP/Bernd Müller
Adsorbers containing air samples to determine volatile organic compounds

The laboratory at Fraunhofer IBP has a wide range of systems at its disposal for analyzing air samples, enabling the scientists to identify and quantify problematic substances in the air.

The majority of the analyses offered are conducted in the part of the laboratory which is accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

Laboratory equipment and common target parameters:

  • GC-MS/FID: Gas chromatography with coupled mass spectrometry
    • BTEX aromatics
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOC, MVOC, SVOC, VVOC)
    • Plasticizers (phthalates, adipates)
  • UPLC-MS/MS: Ultra performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry
    • Amines (primary, secondary, tertiary and aromatic amines, amino alcohols)
  • HPLC-DAD: High performance liquid chromatography with optical detection
    • Aldehydes
  • UV-VIS spectroscopy
    • Ammoniac
  • Various devices for supplying odor samples
    • Odor impression, odor intensity


  • DIN ISO 16000-3
  • DIN ISO 16000-6
  • DIN ISO 16000-28
  • DIN ISO 12219-1
  • DIN ISO 12219-3
  • DIN ISO 12219-4

Industrial projects

  • Emission potential of automotive interior and exterior components
  • Emission potential of vehicle interiors
  • Emission potential of raw commodities and materials