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New projects at a glance

Here we list the newly added projects.



In this project, the durability of concrete with and without chloride-containing recycled aggregate will be investigated with regard to different exposures, and under consideration of the CO2 binding capacity. Therefore, taking into consideration temperature, moisture, corrosivity and time as elements, transient predition models for reinforcing corrosion will be developed.


Monitoring the energy efficiency of the Mathildenhöhe exhibition building in Darmstadt

The building’s energy efficiency is being monitored in order to support the start-up of the technology and enable the innovative renovation concept to be validated.


Solar VHF: Recovering energy using façade elements

The aim of the project is to develop solar thermo-active façades for both new and renovated buildings, as well as to evaluate the energy saving potential based on the example of apartment buildings. 


Fraunhofer Circonomy® Hubs

The Fraunhofer IBP is involved in setting up several Fraunhofer CIRCONOMY® Hubs. The main topics addressed include separating building rubble and recycling building materials and products in the urban ecosystem. Furthermore, access to reliable and credible information on environmental impacts, supply chains and production conditions will enable companies and consumers to exercise sovereignty.

All projects at a glance

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects.

  • Sustainable plant protection

    Highlights from research and development

    Crop damage
    © Shutterstock / Catherine Eckert

    Crop damage can be prevented by pheromones.

    An alternative to conventional insecticides is the use of pheromones. Pheromones released during crop growth prevent male insects from finding their female partners, thus preventing reproduction.

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  • Logo Biodiversity Impact Assessment
    © Biodiversity Impact Assessment

    Logo Biodiversity Impact Assessment

    The international CBD defines biodiversity as the variety of species and genetic diversity within individual species and the diversity of ecosystems.

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  • Sports hall
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    Acoustic design of sport halls and indoor swimming pools.

    The Fraunhofer IBP and the German Sports Teachers Association (DSLV BW) focused in this project on the acoustics of sports halls and indoor swimming pools, especially for educational use.

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  • Industrialized construction

    EcoCab - Development of sustainable low-energy cabins for the shipbuilding industry

    TU project building with foresight
    © Technische Universität München, Professur für Entwerfen und Holzbau

    The TU project "building with foresight".

    The joint "EcoCab" project will decisively contribute to the development of a holistic strategy for improving sustainability throughout the shipbuilding industry.

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  • Structural design of the reference building
    © OP Engineers

    Structural design of the reference building.

    Building-Information-Modeling (BIM) method is ideally demonstrated and scientifically evaluated by reference to two tangible building projects.

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  • The VASE research project focuses on establishing a test environment enabling the assessment of the energy performance of compound systems under realistic load conditions.

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  • This project shows that local, close-to-body air-conditioning measures can be more energy efficient and more comfortable than conventional air-heating.

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  • This project targets to develop new eco-materials and compo­nents for the purpose of creating both healthier and more energy efficient buildings.

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