Projects and References

New projects at a glance#

Here we list the newly added projects.

Clean Air Acoustics

In the "Clean Air Acoustics" project, four Fraunhofer Institutes have formed a competence cluster to offer SMEs a unique range of services related to optimizing the acoustics of compact ventilation and air purification units; especially in cases where companies have to meet tight deadlines.

AIR-COSIM - Combined ventilation solutions for building low-cost housing

The project focuses on the amendment of DIN 1946-6 and investigates the combined use of ventilation systems for building low-cost housing. 

Unheard guests - The interplay between tourism and noise

This project holds complementary tandem interviews with the people responsible for tourism and noise control to compare the different perspectives.

Courting tranquility - Acoustics in courtyards

With the aim of generally upgrading inner courtyards, this project focuses on acoustic properties and functions in order to increase their usage value and make them nicer places to spend time in. 

All projects at a glance#

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects in alphabetical order.