Projects and References

  • Castle Linderhof
    © Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung/Herrmann/Scherf/Pfeuffer.

    The castle Linderhof in the Graswangtal near Garmisch.

    Climate change endangers centuries-old murals, paintings, furniture & textiles. Can the decay be stopped? A cultural journey through space and time.

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  • Measured  fluctuations
    © Fraunhofer IBP

    Measured fluctuations in surface temperature.

    A promising way to reduce the amount of condensation on facade surfaces is the use of "IR coatings" (IR = infrared).

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  • Open-celled mineral foam
    © University of Stuttgart, Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering IWB

    Open-celled mineral foam.

    Porous building materials for sound and thermal insulation made of fine-grained concrete, construction and demolition waste. You could say that "dust" becomes "gold".

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  • Individual modular elements
    © Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Volker Huckemann

    Individual modular elements.

    There is a lack of suitable depots that meet the requirements of sustainability and energy efficiency as well as those of conservation.

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  • Office towers in Foshan
    © Sino-German Industrial Service Platform

    The 148 meter-high office towers of the “Sino-German Industrial Service Platform” planned in Foshan.

    The Fraunhofer IBP received an accompanying research contract worth one million euros from the Chinese urban development company of "Foshan New City".

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  • Sound screen
    © Fraunhofer IBP

    Sound screen in the semi-anechoic chamber.

    The aim of the project acoustic umbrella was to design a construction that allows a simple and repeatable investigation of research objects with regard to their radiated sound power.

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  • Active Vibration Insulation for Building Services Installations
    © Fraunhofer IBP

    Structure-borne noise generated by utilization and water impact is not transmitted into the building and noise in adjacent rooms is prevented.

    The transmission of low-frequency vibrations from installations and equipment into the structure can be considerably reduced already at the point of introduction.

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