Projects and References

New projects at a glance

Here we list the newly added projects.


Scientific accompanying research initiative ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN

The Fraunhofer IBP in its role as accompanying research team is advising the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Projektträger Jülich (PtJ) on projects relating to the research initiative “Energiewendebauen” (EWB). The team is working on cross-evaluations relating to specific topics, promoting inter-project collaboration and assisting with public relations work. 


Environmental properties of common plasters and mortars

Building products such as plasters and mortars are mainly used on the exterior of buildings, where they are exposed to precipitation and the ambient air. Rainwater runoff can dissolve inorganic substances contained in them so that they leach into the environment. But does their release necessarily cause a problem for the environment?


Carbon-neutral noise control structures

In its efforts to attain climate neutrality, the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg wants to extend the use of photovoltaic systems (PV) to noise control structures (NCS). The goal is to achieve sustainable and effective noise control systems tailored to requirements.


Acoustics for rooms in historical buildings

In the long term, buildings and rooms of historical interest can only be preserved if they can also be put to good use. In many of these rooms, the most challenging task of all is to find the right acoustics for the new use. Thus, the focus of this project lies on the main problems and obstacles encountered when designing acoustics for historical rooms.

All projects at a glance

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects.