Projects and References

New projects at a glance

Here we list the newly added projects.


INCityTakeOff eVTOL - Simulation of mechanical turbulence

The project’s goal is to investigate the feasibility of the urban mobility of the future in the Ingolstadt region. Issues relating to city infrastructure, building features, potential landing sites, noise and safety are considered. For this purpose, the practical construction of "Vertiports" is to be examined in the city of Ingolstadt.


Shanghai 5D City Digital Model

The 5D city digital model immersive and interactive system is based on the Shanghai City Master Plan 2017-2035 ("Shanghai 2035”). The goal is to realize a 3D urban space model and bring an immersive experience to the audience through visualization of urban big data including climate simulations. The macroscopic view shall represent a model of the whole city of Shanghai. The microscopic effect will reflect the texture characteristics of major buildings.


VR MultiSense

“VR MultiSense” allows people to experience the difference between good and poor thermal comfort, between good and poor acoustic environments, between glare and shade, etc. with all their senses and to understand how they interact with each other. Making complex decisions is much easier when they are based on real experiences.



LEE-BED is an EU-funded Open Innovation Test Bed which provides European companies with easy, risk-free access to printed and embedded electronics. Via the user-friendly single entry point (SEP), customers with and without experience in the technology are granted direct access to leading European R&D facilities in the field of printed electronics.

All projects at a glance

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects in alphabetical order.