Consulting, knowledge transfer and special reports

Consulting, knowledge transfer and special reports
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Information and advice to users on lighting concepts using a wide range of media.

Exchange of information on lighting and illumination aspects taking the whole building into account

When it comes to constructing lighting systems, there is often a considerable gap between what is known and what is actually put into practice. In view of energy-saving measures and the imminent climate change, it is imperative that this gap be filled.

This can be accomplished in two different ways: by drafting numerous white papers for the public sector, associations and industry, and by making consulting tools such as the Retrofit Adviser available on national and international Internet platforms, mostly free of charge. Likewise, newly-defined standards and regulations are intended to achieve the necessary level of acceptance and implementation among users, planners and decision-makers. Involvement in study projects, the organization of information events and participation in trade fairs also contribute to spreading information about the researched potentials in the lighting industry.

Expert witness activity

With our expertise in the field of lighting technology, we are also happy to support you in legal disputes. Our objective evaluation of lighting and solar radiation scenarios in urban environments can contribute to the clarification of legal disputes – for example in the case of glare caused by critical sunlight reflections in offices / at workplaces, or in the case of damage as a result of radiation concentrations, caused by concave curved glass façades -> Fryscraper Effect.
Another field of activity is our assistance in forensics in the reconstruction of light and illumination conditions at crime scenes.


Energy efficiency of lighting systems

The aim of the project was to better embed energy-efficient climate protection lighting in the planning and implementation of new construction and in the refurbishment of existing buildings.


IEA SHC Lighting Tasks

Within the programme “Solar Heating & Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (SHC TCP)” initiated by the International Energy Agency as early as 1977, various lighting aspects are being investigated in detail under the direction of Fraunhofer IBP.


Retrofitting lighting systems

The information leaflets contain practical information on energy retrofitting of lighting systems.


Publications written for the German federal lighting association (LiTG)

No. 41: Colorimetric and non-visual impact of glazing on daylight in rooms

No. 33: Daylight compact