Vehicle propulsion systems

SHED system
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Measurement of evaporative emissions from drive systems. For the test, the conditioned motor is placed in SHED system.

Evaporative emissions are an important parameter when it comes to the approval of newly-developed vehicles. The world’s most stringent limit values are set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), but countries such as China are also continually tightening their requirements.

Fraunhofer IBP has a unique test facility (e.g. engine test bench, SHED chambers) at its disposal for testing evaporative emissions from new generations of engines while they are still under development. This enables sound results to be obtained in strict accordance with official test regulations (CARB LEVIII, 40 CFR §86, EU6 Type 4, China 6 Type IV).

The emission behavior of individual relevant components, e.g. HC sorptive fiber mats, fuel lines, injection systems or pressure sensors, can also be accurately determined. For example, special mini SHED systems are used to test several components in parallel. Reliable and cost-efficient multiple measurements can be made with little additional effort. The lower detection limit is approx. 0.3 mg, which allows very low emission values to be measured.

To investigate specific issues (e.g. the aging and regeneration behavior of HC cavity materials), we also develop and implement adapted test set-ups or test benches.

Industrial projects

  • Aging / efficacy of HC sorptive fiber mats
  • Permeation behavior of plastics
  • Permeation behavior of fuel lines (taking aging effects into account)
  • Determination and identification of evaporative emissions from propulsion systems...