At Fraunhofer IBP, we have developed a specific odor sensor technology based on the combination of electrochemical sensor technology, human perception and odor analysis. Sensor technology has a cross-sectional function that can be integrated into numerous applications in buildings, transportation and manufacturing engineering:

  • air conditioning in buildings, vehicles and aircraft (“demand-oriented ventilation”)
  • safety and hygiene technologies (e.g. mold emissions, formaldehyde)
  • plant control (e.g. biogas sensors, “out-of-control situations” in plant and equipment manufacturing)
  • product optimization (e.g. building products and materials, plastics).

The focus of our research is on volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are released into the ambient air as emissions. The sources of these emissions are complex in nature (off-odors from materials, human emissions, microorganisms, sanitary facilities, supply and disposal systems, structural damage). Some of these compounds are odor-active or pose a health hazard (contain harmful substances). Thanks to specific analytical and sensory methods, these can be identified and quantified. By determining situation-specific limit values and threshold values, and by validating them with measured sensor signals, they serve as a guide for sensor control


Sensor systems

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be measured using physico-chemical detectors and sensors. We have extensive experience in optimizing gas sensor systems and can adapt MOX sensors to different applications and environmental conditions.


Odor dosing systems

Odor intensity is a key research topic in “Odor Dosing Systems”. Via a funnel system, test persons on the sensory panel are presented with different concentrations of acetone which they have to evaluate. They then assess the intensity of the odor.


Odor testing and odor analysis

Odors are sensory phenomena that can often cause discomfort or anxiety in people. In order to optimize material odors, it is essential to assess odors objectively and identify odor-active substances.


Filter test bench

To purify the air - in chemical terms, this means removing reaction products - Fraunhofer IBP has a range of technologies at its disposal. Our filter test bench allows us to examine the efficacy and service life of air purification systems. The test bench has four separate lines and the necessary equipment for dosing harmful substances into the outgoing air.