Design Tools

Customized modular algorithms and software for specific applications

Our work is focused on advancing and validating efficient planning tools and on providing reliable datasets for calculations and model-based analyses. Due to tightened requirements on energy efficiency and new methods, the demand for calculation tools enabling the assessment of lighting and energy performance assessment of buildings and districts has increased. Fraunhofer IBP offers a comprehensive range of digital solutions.

Another area of work is the development of mathematical/physical models to address issues of indoor climate and air quality in buildings and transport vehicles: state-of-the-art simulation tools and numerical solution methods are applied to optimize indoor climates based on the specific use and users’ needs.

To benefit from the manifold, innovative tools in the planning process, our experts are defining interfaces which generate the input data for simulations from building information models (BIM): this is to show how the integral assessment of hitherto singular design /planning tasks and solutions can be performed more efficiently in the future.


Development of design tools

There are many ways in which we process the findings and experiences from our extensive daily project work to transfer these results to practical applications. For instance, our experts have created numerous software products, which support and advance the knowledge transfer in connection with energy-efficient construction.


Reference projects