The Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle (S-DSLC)

The Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle (S-DLSC)
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Standard process for automating sustainability analysis of large product portfolios and seamless integration in business processes

Corporate Sustainability Management has to substantially improve productivity in order to deal with the rapidly increasing demand for sustainability information. 

To deal with this challenge Fraunhofer IBP developed the Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle (S-DSLC), a standard process for creating and implementing scalable systems and highly automated workflows for sustainability analysis and decision support. The S-DSLC is based on data science standards as well as Fraunhofer IBP’s long-standing experience in supporting businesses to become more sustainable. The S-DSLC was designed for productionizing product life-cycle data to make sustainable decisions. Consequently, it helps companies to

  • Reduce manual efforts for data collection, cleaning and preparation
  • Automate Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability analysis for rapid evaluation of large product portfolios
  • Create, deploy and manage dashboards and simplified tools tailored to the requirements of users regarding product development, procurement or sales as well as customers or investors.

The S-DSLC was first published at the 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2021). Further information can be found either in the download section below or will be provided upon request.