Vehicle acoustics

Vehicle acoustics
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Testing of vehicle acoustics

Our core area of expertise for your developments and tests

In our modern research and test center for vehicle acoustics, our experts offer a variety of development services, especially for customers in the automotive industry. Over the years, we have expanded the scope of our services in vehicle acoustics, which has become a key area.

Our development services

With the construction of a vehicle test bench in an independent research facility such as Fraunhofer IBP, we have created a unique opportunity for cross-thematic, pre-competitive research.

Our 4-wheel roller test bench is equipped with four individually-driven rollers and high-precision control for sound and vibration tests  inside and outside vehicles. It enables passenger vehicles and vans with single-axle and double-axle drive to be operated realistically.

We offer our partners from the automotive industry the chance to use this test facility within the scope of research and development projects. We also provide a wide range of research and development services in the field of vehicle acoustics. Our aim is to address small and medium-sized enterprises in particular and to support them in their development activities.

Simulated pass-by tests

Thanks to our test bench, we can conduct measurements on simulated pass-by scenarios according to ISO 362-3. For the approval of a new vehicle, this measurement is usually performed outdoors according to ISO 362-1. By simulating pass-by scenarios in a semi-anechoic room, measurements can be carried out independently of weather influences and under constant general conditions. These measurements allow compliance with regulations to be verified already during the development phase and action to be taken promptly if required.

Acoustic and vibration analyses

The 4-wheel roller test bench with individual wheel control can be used to conduct all vehicle tests regarding vibrations, acoustics and noise vibration harshness (NVH). We implement techniques such as decoupling tests, impact tests and modern noise analysis and sound design methods to reliably identify and analyze noise sources in vehicles.

Our range of services includes

  • public research projects
  • own and preliminary research
  • developments for industry
  • measurements according to customer specifications
  • noise reduction and acoustic optimization of development and mass-produced vehicles
  • NVH benchmarking (noise vibration harshness)
  • wheel track, drive train, components
  • improving communication and safety
  • electromobility
  • sound design and psychoacoustics.

Within the scope of our research and development work, we cooperate on a national and international basis with scientific institutions and numerous vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Fraunhofer IBP is also a member of the “Fraunhofer Traffic and Transportation Alliance”, which develops technical and conceptual solutions for public-sector and industrial customers and translates them into practical applications.