AUTOMOTIVE: Climate, acoustics and air quality in vehicles

Vehicle climate control, vehicle acoustics and evaluating vehicle indoor air quality and comfort - benefit from our interdisciplinary expertise

The automotive industry is currently facing a multitude of issues and challenges: from e-mobility and autonomous driving to the further development of assistance systems and mobility concepts. The focus is also on optimizing driving comfort, vehicle acoustics and energy-efficient air conditioning.

For many years now, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to these topics with our research on acoustic comfort, climate control and thermal comfort, as well as on air quality and innovative energy concepts.

Our experts in acoustics, indoor room climate and air quality work together on an interdisciplinary basis. They also deal with issues relating to sustainability in the fields of mobility and energy. In addition, our scientists are conducting research on the topic of evaporative emissions, especially with regard to drive systems and assemblies or components.

We also have modern testing facilities for vehicles at our branches in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen - including the All-wheel drive chassis dynamometer and the Indoor Air Test Center (IATC) - and use measurement, simulation and analysis methods developed in-house.


Let's develop innovative solutions for vehicles together


Our services at a glance:

  • Measurement-based, objective evaluation of the air quality inside vehicles. Corresponding tests carried out in climate chambers or on the road
  • Simulative evaluation of the air quality in vehicle interiors and the energy efficiency of air-conditioning concepts and technologies using simulation tools developed in-house
  • Development and optimization of concepts, technologies and components for high acoustic and thermal comfort and good air quality in vehicles
  • Research and developments for partners from various sectors of the automotive industry (manufacturers, suppliers)
  • Acoustic optimization of exterior and interior vehicle noise
  • Investigation and optimization of vehicle drive noise, tire-road noise and rolling noise
  • Vehicle sound design
  • Investigation, development and optimization of AVAS systems
  • Binaural noise measurements and psychoacoustic analyses
  • Determination of evaporative emissions from drive systems, assemblies or components

How can we assist you with your specific issue relating to vehicle air conditioning, vehicle acoustics or the evaluation of air quality and comfort in the vehicle interior? We look forward to hearing from you!

Subject areas


DressMAN comfort measurement system

Thanks to a sophisticated sensor system, DressMAN can objectively measure how people perceive thermal comfort in a vehicle.


Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS)

The Indoor Environment Simulation Suite (IESS) allows indoor air flows and the resulting temperature and material distributions to be simulated. The interiors of buildings as well as aircraft and vehicles can be studied. For this purpose, the interior to be examined is divided into zones that exchange air with each other.


Vehicle Indoor Air Quality (VIAQ)

Our scientists are experts when it comes to analyzing the quality of the air inside vehicle cabins and testing the effects of cabin air filters and ventilation settings on vehicle indoor air quality. Get in touch with us, tell us about your problem and we will help you find a suitable solution.


VIAQ, material emissions in vehicle interiors

The indoor air quality in a vehicle depends on several factors. Interior components play a role due to material emissions. However, pollutants from outside also reach the vehicle interior via the ventilation system. The air quality inside a vehicle can be improved by using suitable filters and controlling the ventilation system.


Evaporative emissions

In addition to exhaust emissions, a vehicle also produces fuel emissions when stationary. The primary pathways are emissions from the fuel tank, air intake systems and permeation from pipes and seals. We identify sources of emissions and help you develop solutions.


Vehicle acoustics / Sound of mobility

We optimize the acoustics of vehicles - from electric cars right up to motorcycles, tractors and other vehicle types. We assess the acoustics both inside and outside the vehicle. We always optimize the overall sound based on a psychoacoustically determined sound design. Our projects can be carried out in our all-wheel drive chassis dynamometer or in the field.