Innovation potential for luminaire manufacturers - Lighting & Mass Personalization

Together we can identify innovation potential in your company

“Personalization is the core cultural principle of the Western world and is having an ever-more global impact,” says the "Zukunftsinstitut" (Future Institute), describing the megatrend. The concept of mass personalization is a strategic realignment of product design that starts with the development of an all-round understanding of the user and culminates in its seamless implementation in personalized product and service innovations - at costs that are hardly higher than those of mass-produced goods. We would be happy to assist you in introducing the concept of mass personalization in your company and in identifying any innovation potential.


Highlight of the High Performance Center

The lighting industry has always manufactured a high number of individual solutions. Since the switch to LED, the industry is facing an even greater upheaval. Globalization and digital transformation are forcing companies to make radical decisions and change their business models. Our experts would like to help you unlock the potential of digital transformation for highly personalized lighting products and services, which will also enable you to compete with the global market.

The world of mass personalization with its “four continents”
© Fraunhofer IBP, Daniel Neves Pimenta
The world of mass personalization with its “four continents”: marketing, research & development, manufacturing and planning.

Together with you, our experts develop a strategy for manufacturing personalized products in your company. Besides sales & marketing, we also take the aspects of research & development as well as manufacturing, logistics and planning into account. Legal and ethical questions about the collection and usage of user data also need to be answered. By using new types of technologies (AI, 3D printing, Industry 4.0), a strategy for digitalization and its significance for the company thus also emerges.

Since implementing a strategy to move toward mass personalization is more like running a marathon than a sprint, the first step is to identify common goals. For this, questions like the following need to be answered: What measures are planned in your company, what investments have been made or are planned? How is the portfolio structured and how should it be developed? Are there already any services that are built on digital services, and what data is available in the company?

After taking an initial look at possible solutions, the options specific to the company are outlined and prioritized. Especially those companies that need to set a strategic course can benefit the most from this process.

After deciding on the course of action, we start by defining work packages for your company employees as well as for our scientists. Depending on the focus, the High Performance Center’s network can be used. In addition to lighting know-how, the center also has experts in user experience, cognitive science, logistics, production, organization and sustainability from the associated Fraunhofer Institutes and the University of Stuttgart.

Feel free to contact us with your questions! The services we offer are as individual as the concept of mass personalization. Together, we find the tools and methods to solve your tasks all around the topic of lighting and mass personalization.