Cogeneration / combined heat and power plants (CHP)

Cogeneration / combined heat and power plants (CHP)
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Cogeneration / combined heat and power plants (CHP).

Combined heat and power plants fueled by biomass for domestic and commercial use are becoming increasingly important as far as energy, the climate and environment are concerned. They are a good alternative for generating electricity and heat efficiently for decentralized use.

The focus of our research activities in the field of combined heat and power generation is on optimizing processes and increasing efficiency in the following applications:

  • Fuel pyrolysis for driving gas engines or mini gas turbines
  • Fuel pyrolysis for operating fuel cells (low and high temperature fuel cells)

The concept, design and control of the pyrolysis process varies according to the application concerned. The economic efficiency of the process is largely dependent on the preparation and treatment of the fuel gas, which has been a major challenge up to now. This is because dust particles in the exhaust gas and reactive chemical gas compounds, such as sulfur and chlorine, impair the function of the downstream gas utilization process. These have to be separated from the fuel gas prior to its reuse.

In the field of heat transfer and heat exchangers (gas-liquid heat exchangers, gas-gas heat exchangers), the Group has an exceptionally high level of technical expertise and practical experience when it comes to the development and approval of heat exchangers - especially those used as construction products or technical building equipment.

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