Areas of expertise



Noise as a typical consequence of modern technology can be reduced or eliminated in many cases by using innovative acoustic technology. A broad focus is the starting point and goal of our interdisciplinary research and development.


Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Energy-efficient living, working and building as well as a user- and use-oriented indoor climate are topics of our work.


Life Cycle Engineering

Sustainability in the product life cycle on the basis of technical functionality, process chain analysis, and material and energy flow management.


Hygrothermics: Moisture and thermal control

Our experts analyze the thermal and moisture properties of building materials and components and entire building complexes.


Inorganic Materials and Recycling

Our interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists researches Inorganic Materials and building material recycling.


Environment, Hygiene and Sensor Technology

We develop solutions for minimizing undesirable influences that buildings and means of transport can have on people and the environment.