Photos: Hygrothermics


A look inside the sun simulator
© Fraunhofer IBP / Bernd Müller
A look inside the sun simulator: the reflectors make the surface area appear larger, which reduces edge effects.
Solar simulation
© Fraunhofer IBP / Bernd Müller
Testing a “façade” with mobile air conditioning units supplying air to individual zones with the large sun simulator. Solar simulation is typically used to age materials artificially, measure the total energy transmittance, clarify the functionality and service life of products and systems, as well as to conduct so-called thermal load tests to investigate the spontaneous failure of building components.
Open-air test site in Holzkirchen
© Fraunhofer IBP / Bernd Müller
The Holzkirchen branch has the world's largest open-air test site for studying building materials and constructional designs, building elements and system components on a scale of 1:1. The extreme local weather conditions there - radiant summers, cold winters, heavy driving rain - makes the area ideal for studies of this kind.
Lightweight roof with greening solution
© Fraunhofer IBP
This lightweight roof with its slender structure (the substrate is put directly on the drainage layer) is a simple roof greening solution. Its advantage: in summer it gets warmer and therefore dries out more quickly.

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