Vehicle Climate Control Systems

Exploring the cabin climate in IBP’s unique flight test facility (FTF)

In addition to exploring the cabin climate of vehicles and airplanes, our researchers focus on developing and validating the overall system under realistic conditions, identifying innovative solutions for air-conditioning. During their experiments, our scientists not only examine the cockpit, the passenger cabins and the cargo holds but also the aircraft avionics (including all electric and electronic devices) in regards to energy performance and user requirements. In the scope of international projects and on behalf of manufacturers and suppliers to the aerospace and automotive industry, tests on thermal passenger comfort, thermodynamic relations and condensation are carried out.

At our Holzkirchen branch, we perform tests in a unique flight lab (Fraunhofer Flight Test Facility FTF), in which a segment of a wide-bodied aircraft is installed in a low-pressure chamber. In the scope of the European aviation research project »Clean Sky« we enhanced our facilities by adding a business jet platform, which enables us to safely perform complex tests involving in-flight and ground situations without taking off. The test facilities are complemented by the AirCraft Calorimeter (ACC), which allows simulating thermal shocks or rapid decompression.