Highlights from research and development

Selected highlights from research and development


Did you know? Face masks impair speech intelligibility

These days, face masks are a constant everyday companion. An interdisciplinary team from the Department of Acoustics has studied the effects of masks on our ability to comprehend speech and thus on the quality of communication.


Strategies to combat the coronavirus: Retrofit, evaluate, analyze

The risk of contracting the coronavirus indoors or in a bus, train, car or plane is much higher than outdoors. Fraunhofer IBP's Department of Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate is finding ways to reduce the risk of infection by the coronavirus in these areas.


Know-how: expertise for sustainable innovation

WiTra is a knowledge transfer platform that provides the latest research findings for applying sustainability in practice: application-oriented, interactive and future-oriented for sustainable products and technologies.


C3RRO - Technology spin-off for the next generation of hygrothermal simulation

Finding the answers to issues relating to the heat and moisture balance of building components and buildings by simulation - this made possible by products from the WUFI® family, which have been developed over the last 25 years in the Department of Hygrothermics.


Processing masonry rubble

Every year, around 60 million tons of building waste is produced in Germany - this corresponds to over 700 kilos of concrete and masonry rubble per capita. To recycle these huge quantities of mineral residues, Fraunhofer IBP is constantly developing new recycling technologies.


How efficiently do air purification technologies eliminate viruses from the air?

Reliably eliminating viruses from the room air - that sounds like a good idea, especially in times of the coronavirus. In the “Fraunhofer vs. Corona” program, Fraunhofer IBP has established practical methods to demonstrate the efficiency of air purification technologies.


Annual Reports from 2007 to 2020

In our archive you will find further highlight topics in the annual reports of past years.