Development of acoustic building components

Active vibration isolation
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Active vibration isolation to reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise in building services installations

Professional component development – based on knowledge, experience, and modern measurement technology

Our aim in acoustic component development is to generate technical and economic added value for our customers through the targeted improvement of components, building systems and building materials. This includes the acoustic optimization of existing components and the development of new designs.

Thanks to many years of research and development experience, comprehensive knowledge of the acoustic properties of building materials and products, as well as the availability of state-of-the-art measurement technology in numerous test facilities and laboratories, our experts at Fraunhofer IBP offer an optimum range of services for developing acoustic components.

In addition, we consider it essential to have precise knowledge of the current state of technology and product developments, as well as of planned changes in sound insulation requirements. This is ensured, in particular, through our cooperation with other research organizations at national and international level, numerous building acoustic measurements in our institute's accredited testing laboratory, and our participation in the relevant standardization committees.

The following examples show our various fields of activities in which we support our clients in optimizing and developing innovative acoustic products, components, and building systems:

Sound insulation
Walls (dry, lightweight and solid), mobile partition wall systems, façades, windows, doors, ceilings, roofs, wall linings and constructions, such as composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

Impact sound insulation
Ceilings, screeds, floor coverings, cavity floors, stairs, landings.

Sound absorption
Suspended ceilings, floor coverings, curtains, furniture, partition components with sound-absorbing properties.

Acoustic properties of building products and materials
Decoupling elements, sealants, insulating materials, structure-borne sound-absorbing coverings, sound absorbers.

Acoustic properties of fittings, sanitary installations, and building service equipment
Pipe systems, fixing elements, pipe jackets, shower trays, whirlpools and bathtubs, fittings, valves.

Sound propagation in buildings - calculation and reduction
Calculation of airborne and impact sound insulation (according to DIN 4109 and DIN EN 12354, and others), noise from building service equipment, propagation of structure-borne noise, localization of sound bridges.

Technical measures to reduce noise
Reduction of noise from airborne and structure-borne sound sources, blocking masses, vibration neutralizers, active structure-borne sound insulation.