Musical and Photo Acoustics

A broad field of research: our expertise in musical instruments and gas sensors

All over the world, musical instruments are deeply rooted in people's cultural traditions. They are part of our cultural heritage, and their preservation and development deserve our attention. For many years, our experts have been dedicated to conducting research on European musical instruments, especially the organ. Collaborative research with other research institutions and a large number of European organ builders focuses on the preservation of their sound, assistance in instrument making and further development through the integration of modern technologies.

Applied research in photoacoustics, on the other hand, is geared towards the development of photoacoustic gas sensors and monitors for use in various fields such as industry, environmental protection, medical diagnostics, biological problems, safety, quality control, etc. In addition, we conduct fundamental research in our laboratories to find ways of improving the capabilities of the photoacoustic detection method and to develop innovative photoacoustic sensors.


Musical acoustics

Our experts work on research projects supported by the EU for the benefit of small and medium-sized organ building companies. Using our research organ, we can investigate technical and sound issues in organ building and demonstrate the results of our research.



Our scientists work on the development of gas sensors and monitors, which are used for detecting gas compounds in industry, as well as in connection with environmental protection, medical diagnostics, biological problems, safety, and quality control.