Data science enhanced life cycle assessment (for complex products & portfolios)

Modular use of data pools to make ecological analyses

Taking product sustainability to the next level with data science and LCA

Preparing life cycle assessments can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if they concern complex products or entire product portfolios. Data science methods can shorten and simplify this process for users. With data science enhanced life cycle assessment, our scientists prepare life cycle assessments from existing company data that is used for other purposes, such as parts lists and environmental and safety management data. By using an existing data base, you can achieve faster and more useful results and insights about your products.


Highlight of the High Performance Center

Company data that already exists is used as a basis to prepare a life cycle assessment of your products. The focus is on identifying existing data. Very little new data need to be added. With an appropriate database, the method is scalable and can be efficiently transferred to other tasks. Thanks to the modular approach and the use of data science, it is easy to prepare LCAs for other locations, products, your entire product portfolio or even well-founded scenario analyses.

You gain an insight into the ecological effects of your products. In addition, specific courses of action can be derived from our scientifically-based analysis of the existing data. The workload remains comparatively low because existing data is used. Depending on your preference, Fraunhofer IBP can take over all the data formatting. The fact that existing data structures are used means that the LCA can be easily updated to keep you abreast of the environmental impact of your products at all times.

We prepare a customized life cycle assessment for your company based on pre-existing data. Our primary objective is to give you the greatest possible understanding of your company and your products and their resulting environmental impacts. Our scientists have many years of experience in life cycle assessments and data science expertise. In addition to the scope of the assessment, the depth of detail can also be flexibly scaled and extended. If required, we also develop interfaces to existing data systems, automate data processing workflows, develop user-specific dashboard tools or a link to the “Sustainability Stress Test”.

You have the expertise, and we provide the life cycle assessment knowledge. We work closely with the data owners and the users of the LCA results in your company. These may be people working in the environmental department as well as product development, production planning or purchasing. The focus of our assessment is geared to your individual needs. We always try to convey a basic understanding of LCA. We then take over the detailed work again with LCA and Data Science knowledge. If you wish, we are also happy to assist you in developing your own in-house expertise in these areas.

We have outlined an initial project plan for you here as an example:

  • First of all, we identify your requirements in a workshop by means of user stories, and also find out which data are already available.
  • Based on a preliminary collection of data and LCA screening, we then analyze the hotspots and readjust the selected focus - both in terms of data collection and analysis.
  • Then, in the detailed analysis, we compile information on the environmental impact of your products and work with you to develop practical recommendations for action.
  • The project results provide a solid and scalable basis for automating workflows as well as for using LCAs systematically and efficiently for a variety of tasks within your company.

The area of "Data-Science enhanced Product Stewardship"