Assessing ecological aspects of smart and sustainable cities and municipalities

“Achieving municipal sustainability goals through personalized applications.”

Exploiting the sustainability potential of smart city solutions

Smart city solutions such as intelligent parking guidance systems or solutions for the smart home sector are helping cities meet their sustainability goals. However, since it is only possible to measure and verify these in rare cases, determining whether the use of certain solutions is really worthwhile in economic and ecological terms is no easy thing. We want to help cities and municipalities optimally manage their sustainability goals by evaluating different influencing factors and identifying unused potential, as well as involve citizens in decision-making processes.

Highlight of the High Performance Center

  • Demonstrating the feasibility and transferability of ecological methods and indicators using concrete smart city solutions from industry partners such as Telekom.

  • We evaluate various influencing factors of smart city solutions and help municipalities and cities understand when the use of a particular solution makes sense and how to optimally manage and achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Our scientists comprehensively demonstrate the as yet untapped potential of smart city solutions, with a focus on personalized solutions.

  • Proven effect: you receive scientifically sound and practical proof based on the life cycle concept, which shows whether the solution you are planning or have already implemented will have the desired effect.
  • Managed goals: you can quantify the achievement of objectives by selecting suitable indicators depending on urban and municipal projects. This allows you to manage and achieve your sustainability goals in an optimal way.
  • Improved communication: you increase public satisfaction by communicating information more effectively and clearly through a better understanding of the various processes. In this way, you can respond effectively to people's individual information needs and share the results obtained directly with them.

  • Our scientists have proven expertise in evaluating smart and sustainable cities and conducting life cycle analyses. We draw on many years of practical experience gained through numerous projects with renowned industry partners, such as Deutsche Telekom.
  • By working on projects in interdisciplinary teams, you can be assured of a holistic approach. Thanks to our versatile network, we can involve further project partners from research, industry or technology if this becomes necessary.
  • The project procedure is freely scalable, enabling us to meet the requirements of our customers to their full satisfaction. In a competent and reliable way, we carry out both smaller pilot projects for immediate implementation as well as larger, long-term projects.

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Potential project process
  • We work in a scientifically sound yet practice-oriented manner. By documenting results reliably, you receive proof that the solution you are planning or have already implemented has the desired effect. This allows you to draw important conclusions for your further course of action.
  • Flexibility means a lot to us. Our experts methodically evaluate all aspects of smart cities as well as of individual (personalized) solutions. You can see a preliminary project procedure - which is freely scalable - in the picture on the left. We are also open to your ideas at any time. Feel free to contact us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you!