Five star acoustics: an initiative to improve acoustics in hotels and restaurants

Hotel Sacher
The quiet room is not the only wish of the hotel guests, they expect a holistic acoustic quality.

The goal of the initiative is to achieve an all-round high quality of acoustics in hotels which is based on the expectations of hotel guests and can be quantified clearly, communicated in an understandable way and achieved cost-efficiently. Initiated and coordinated by Fraunhofer IBP, a partner and knowledge network consisting of hotels and organizations, architects and planners, construction companies and interior designers, gives input to and widens the scope of acoustic design options.

The interdisciplinary exchange promises to provide both tailored and cost-effective solutions for superior hotel acoustics, while taking other quality features reasonably into account. The project results will be presented at trade events, fairs and on the Internet in order to raise awareness and present the acoustic features of hotels in a transparent way. One method of presenting acoustics realistically is auralization, i.e. the audible presentation of acoustic scenarios. On a computer or tablet, for example, this can supplement picture galleries with a realistic auditory impression.

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