Lining and Insulation Test Environment (LITE)

Aluminum LITE chamber
© Fraunhofer IBP
Aluminum LITE chamber.

Sidewall systems and aircraft insulation materials put to the test

Fraunhofer IBP's Lining and Insulation Test Environment (LITE) consists of two climate chambers that can be individually conditioned. Each chamber contains four frame bays which are used to study how the cabin climate interacts with the aircraft sidewall. 

Highly effective by using prototypes and reducing material requirements

The functionality of prototypes can be tested in a life-sized aircraft structure using much lower quantities of materials. In the LITE chambers, new sidewall concepts such as lining components with integrated functions and innovative insulation materials can be evaluated, as well as the air tightness of the insulation layer. Other potential applications include studies on downsized ventilation components for aircraft cabins. The LITE chambers are large enough to seat approximately 9 passengers in economy seating, thus allowing ventilation principles for aircraft cabins to be investigated using much smaller quantities of material.

Explore the experience of flying by freely configuring climatic conditions

The chambers are fitted with air-conditioning systems for humidifying and dehumidifying as well as cooling and heating the air. As a result, any desired climatic conditions can be set in the cabin regardless of the time of year.

The LITE features both a composite and an aluminum chamber, each containing four frame bays. These are fitted with original frames and stringers. On the outside, the fuselage shell is cooled to mimic the general cold exterior conditions. This makes it possible to realistically reproduce effects such as condensation on the structure and in the insulation packages, or the sensation of cold in the window seats.

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