Data-Science enhanced Product Stewardship

Scalable solutions for assessing the sustainability of complex products and product portfolios

Today, sustainability is a key to economic success, not only for large corporations but also increasingly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The demand for sustainability as a product attribute is growing in both the B2C and B2B sectors. Customers and investors alike want proof in the form of environmental product declarations, sustainability reports or sustainability certificates. In addition, national and international regulations are becoming ever stricter, e.g. under the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). As a result, sustainability management requirements at product and company level are also on the rise. The efficient and flexible ability to analyze complex products and extensive product portfolios is becoming a crucial prerequisite.

The area of "Data-Science enhanced Product Stewardship" combines expertise from the fields of sustainability assessment and life cycle assessment (LCA) with digitization know-how in order to develop practical solutions for large-scale sustainability analyses in industrial companies.

Data Science powered Product Stewardship (DSPS) briefly explained

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The Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle

Corporate Sustainability Management has to substantially improve productivity in order to deal with the rapidly increasing demand for sustainability information. To deal with this challenge Fraunhofer IBP developed the Sustainability Data Science Life Cycle (S-DSLC), a standard process for creating and implementing scalable systems and highly automated workflows for sustainability analysis and decision support. 


Data science enhanced life cycle assessment (for complex products & portfolios)

With data science enhanced Life cycle assessment, we use pre-existing company data to prepare life cycle assessments. The existing data base enables you to achieve faster and more useful results and insights about your products.


Sustainability Stress Test to assess the impact of product use

The use phase of products is generally only evaluated on the basis of estimated values. Our scientists employ the “Sustainability Stress Test” to realistically map the environmental effects actually caused by use.


WiTra knowledge transfer platform

Are you looking for ideas on how to improve the sustainability of your products? At WiTra, you will find our latest research findings on the sustainability of innovative materials, production processes and product designs.