Evaluating demonstration projects for buildings, districts and entire urban areas through measurements

Living Lab Wuppertal - Practical comparison of different storage strategies
Living Lab Wuppertal - practical comparison of different energy storage strategies for houses meeting the Efficiency House Plus standard in exemplary housing estates.

Demonstration projects offer a unique opportunity to test new, innovative technologies, energy supply concepts and renovation methods under real-life conditions and to find out how well users accept them. Customized measurement programs make it possible to make detailed assessments of function, system efficiency and room comfort. They can also be used to further develop the respective technologies or optimize their operation if necessary. By directly comparing the measured energy balance components with the corresponding planning data, the correct functioning of the technologies used can be proved and the overall concept verified. In our demonstration projects, we evaluate single buildings, districts or even entire urban areas.

Modern data communication methods and database techniques guarantee maximum reliability and data security for our customers. The IMEDAS-System (Internet Measurement Data Acquisition and Analysis System) was developed at Fraunhofer IBP specifically for this purpose. It provides comprehensive support, starting from the planning, implementation and execution of monitoring tasks right through to the evaluation and subsequently archiving of monitoring data.

Our services:

  • Development of monitoring concepts (energy, comfort, function)
  • Technical planning advice on the choice and position of measuring sensors, data communication, data security
  • Elaboration of detailed measurement concepts for measuring the relevant energy balance components and room climate parameters as well as for evaluating the efficiency of systems
  • Scientific support during the commissioning phase
  • Ongoing function and plausibility checks, evaluation parallel to testing
  • (Partially) automated energy consumption analyses to sensitize users
  • (Partially) automated operation optimization and error detection
  • Evaluation and processing of results

Your advantages:

  • Proof of functional performance of particularly energy-efficient building / energy supply concepts
  • Validated comfort requirements
  • “Visibility” and image advantage over other builders, owners, investors
  • Guaranteed energy-efficient operation, cost savings and satisfied tenants, resulting in low property vacancy rates